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Who we are

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Our head guide in Hoi An is Nam who has worked as a motorcycle guide for more than ten years and knows the coastal areas as well as the Central Highlands intimately.

Apart from being a trustworthy guide with great knowledge of Vietnamese history and traditions he is also very friendly and enthusiastic, and will gladly help out not only as a translator during meetings with locals but also in all monetary negotiations, ensuring that you don’t pay more than is reasonable for a visitor.

He is also an excellent surfer who competed in his youth and is quite happy to include surfing lessons as part of the tour. In which case a stop at China Beach is recommended.

Nam is 30 and lives with his wife and daughter at the foot of Marble Mountain.

Mr Nam - hoian easyriders tour

Nam – hoian easyriders tour

We are currently developing a beach tour (Secret Beaches Tour) for the Vietnam traveler that wants to combine the excitement and flexibility of the motorcycle tour with the comfort of good seaside hotels and pristine and secluded beaches.

This tour will be particularly suitable for inexperienced motorcyclists that want to add a little spice to their holiday, but don’t want to stray too far from the beaten track, as it were.

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For more information contact Nam directly :

e-mail: hoianeasyriderstour@gmail.com

Tel: +84 903 538 421 or +84 903 473 872

Nam Nguyen and his team wish you all have the best holiday in Viet Nam.

We hope to see you again for a new adventure with Hoi An Easyriders Tour ® Travel Company.

Categories: HoianEasyridersTour